Installations by Wanda Barcelona

Wanda Barcelona is an artist team based in Barcelona, Spain. Wanda Barcelona creates large-scale installations for events and permanent collections. From fully immersive, large scale paper worlds to intriguing origami-style small objects, Wanda Barcelona is constantly crafting outstanding visions with passion, elegance and a touch of wonder. Each member of the Barcelona-based trio brings a different and complementary skill to their art: Inti, the architect, is in charge of making spaces that Dani, the designer, fills with unique objects while Iris, the artist in the family, surprises you with subtle surprises. This dynamic mix of talents gives rise to truly superb projects which fuse classical aesthetics with an avant-garde approach, tradition with innovation,  design and art, “minimalism with a maximalist profusion of different effects”.

Clients include: Hermes, Hugo Boss, Prestige, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Paco Rabanne, B&B Italia, Bentley, Dior, Valentino, W Hotel, Casa Viva, Zara Home, Fedrigoni, BMW, Peugeot, MTV, Taschen.