Project Documentation | Residential

This home houses a fantastic collection of artworks by Catherine Dreiss, Benjamin Gardner, Larassa Kabel, Zheng Lianje, Bill Luchsinger, Tom Moberg, Carolina Sardi, Karen Strohbeen, and Chris Vance. This large Kabel drawing, “Wildfire,” perfectly balances the living room wall with the rectangular fireplace below. The Vance triptych, a site-specific commission, offers a colorful and engaging visual expansion on a large wall with much traffic along it. The commissioned Sardi installation, “Nests,” in painted steel, hang on the walls at either side of the foyer, so that arriving or departing, viewers are struck with the colorful ovular shapes. The works flanking the main entrance are a wonderful complement to the squares in the front door glass panels. And the egg-shaped purple and blue pieces that edge the entryway to the interior rooms are placed slightly asymmetrical to create a magnetic pause.