Principal Financial Group’s stellar collection includes impressive new large-scale works by artists Jason Woodside, Carolina Sardi, Adele Renault, Swoon (Caledonia Curry), Chuck Hipsher, Pref (Alex Geoffrey), Conn Ryder, Larassa Kabel, Aaron Wilson & Tim Dooley, Tibi Chelcea, and Daniel Rich. As well, PFG collection holds works by Robert Longo, Dennis Wojtkiewicz, Glennray Tutor, James Rosenquist, Debra Butterfield, Sarah Grant, Scott Charles Ross, Dana Oldfather, and Chris Vance. Moberg Art Services also oversees Taylor Gallery inside the corporate offices. Moberg curates rotating exhibits, pulling pieces from the vault, thus giving the employees, staff, and visitors opportunities to see works not always on display, as well as to view works in an art historical context, with didactic information included for each thematic exhibit.

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