TJ Moberg and Dennis Reynolds

We are a public art team that successfully provides an innovative and integrated combination of art + environments.  Based on diverse and extensive experience with large scale, landscape development/public art projects we provide a thorough and exciting design process that results in the realization of meaningful and significant “big ideas”.   We bring a unique set of skills that draw from our diverse education and professional experience that includes:

  • Design leadership for significant national and international public art projects.
  • Facilitating design workshops that are creative, well documented and exciting for all participants.
  • The ability to quickly draw and explore design concepts that allow people to visualize and discover new ideas.
  • Experience in teaching and lecturing that contributes to our ability to facilitate the creative design process.
  • Generating innovative design concepts and follow through with documentation and processes that result in well executed art environments.
  • Design and process skills that impact financial feasibility and sustainability of complex built art environments.