Gifford Brown Inc.

Gifford Brown, Inc. has worked closely with Moberg Art Services over the years to build a premier collection of contemporary art by esteemed Iowa-based and national artists. Throughout the offices, one can find multiple works by TJ Moberg, Chris Vance, Frank Hansen, Sam Austin, Rob Stephens, Gary Kelley, and early works by Jordan Weber. There are also works by Dan Perry, Jim Ochs, Bill Luchsinger, Dread Scott, Larassa Kabel, Senid Tabakovic, Emmy Ligscheit, Justin Beller, Lynn Basa, Loren Holland, Andrew Abbott, and a metal sculpture by Jesse Small. During Des Moines-based artist Rachel Buse’s series LAZE, Gifford Brown exhibited one of her large, vibrant soft-sculpture temporary installations. The culture created for the employees at Gifford Brown, Inc. is one of warmth, fun, and focus. In having selected some of the best pieces of each artist’s larger body of work, the importance of excellence is exhibited.