Adele Renault – She has lived all over the world and currently is back home in Belgium. The small one is available and the large one would have to be commissioned. She has other styles and different colors so if you want to move forward with her work we can review everything then. Higher priced work but a great investment as she is becoming more collected.

Alayne Spafford – She lives in Canada. These are original and should increase in value as her style is very unique. She has about 4 or 5 in this size –

Alyson Khan – Currently lives in Denver. These are digital prints and exist at this scale. If you like this direction I can show you 50 or so print combinations that would look great, again, the options I’m showing are available. They are one of the least expensive options and probably not great for investment as they are reproductions. However, Alyson is a highly sought after artist and her originals sell upward of $20K so who know maybe her prints would increase too.  

Alyson Khan

Chris Vance – Des Moines native and local hero. Very affordable and there is always a market for his work. The piece in the rendering is available at this size. He is very open to commissioned pieces and has several style to choose from.

Conn Ryder – Lives in Denver. She does not have any work currently at this size so it would have to be a commissioned project. Original acrylic on canvas and should hold its value.

Dana James – She lives in Brooklyn and is one of the top investment opportunities in our roster. She has currently signed an exclusive contract with a NY gallery that is a big deal. I anticipate her works doubling in price in the next 3 years. This piece is available and so are a few others that might be worth a look for other areas like the entry.

Elliott Routledge – he is a street artist from Australia. Street art is hot right now so always a good investment. These two are available and in our inventory.

Chuck Hipsher – Graduated from Iowa University and currently lives in Illinois. Chuck is our current exhibit and you can see that below on the link or feel free to stop by to see it in person. These are mixed media original works on canvas and will hold their value. Chuck is also open to commissions and is currently completing one for the NYC Thompson Central Park Hotel.

Jason Woodside – He has lived all over the world and currently lives in New Zealand. He is a street artist that has helped us put together several exhibitions over the past few years. Again, street art is hot so a good investment. Jason would have to create a piece for you as nothing is this large.

Larassa Kabel – She is a local artist but shows her work nationally. The Des Monies art center has two of her pieces in their collection. She is one of the top artists on our list for investment. The piece in the rendering exists and is her latest piece, it is colored pencil on paper and very spectacular in person. Not cheap but the works make a very dramatic impact on the location.

Midwest Pressed – Aaron Willson and Tim Dooley are both professors at UNI in Cedar Falls. The works are original and made with screen prints on wood panels. The work should hold its value. The pieces in the rendering are available at this size.

Pamela Staker – She lives in Chicago. The piece in the rendering is available and made with mixed media on canvas. She is open to commissioned works but she does have a few larger pieces in her studio inventory that we could look at.

Ruben Sanchez – Street artist from Madrid. He is one of my favorite artists working right now…oh Ruben, probably one of the best street artist for investment. He just completed a commission for Nike in Hilversum, NL, you can check it out on his Insta link below. The pieces in the renderings exist and are part of our inventory.

Dig in and always reach out with any questions. I check email regularly so that is probably the best way to reach me off hours.