Art Leasing

Leasing artwork: paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, etc can be taken on rent for an agreed duration of time. An amendable agreement is signed to take the artwork on lease for a defined period. It is an attractive offer for offices and homes, and all places that constantly alter with their interiors. Art leasing thus becomes a cost-effective and practical option that has the following benefits.

1. Tax Deductible

One reason that some companies lease rather than purchase art is that their company tax structure can use the lease payments as a tax deduction. This is because lease rental is 100% tax deductible.

2. Updating your space

People who alter their home or office interiors often are the major target audience of the art leasers. Art leasing provides a convenient and affordable solution and which can also be updated after the duration of the agreement has expired.

3. Flexible financing

The making of the lease is done one on one with our consultation services to make sure needs of different businesses are met. The terms and conditions in the agreement are fixed but, the agreement is flexible that keeps the customer happy.

  • Down payment –  10% of the retail price or a security deposit, that is generally the two-month rent of the artwork.
  • Rental Policies Moberg Art Services leases art to businesses and private owners nationally. 50% of rental fees paid on a work of art can be applied to the purchase price of the work.
  • Costs – The art leasing fees are derived from the fixed percentage of the retail price of each individual artwork. These percentages are subject to change or amendments (if required) in the duration of the lease.