Art Advisory 2021

Alyson Khan. She lives in Denver and is quickly selling everything she paints. She has a big following in Asia and her unique geometric approach to abstraction is the reason why she is getting so much attention right now.

Charoula Nikolaidou. She lives in Greece; has a figurative style that is fresh, and we have nothing like her work in the collection

Dana James. Lives in Brooklyn. Great work with a unique approach to abstraction. She just got signed by a big Chelsea gallery, so her work is getting great exposure and increasing in value –

Daniela Schweinsberg. Live and works in Germany and creates very pleasing abstract work.  –

Dean Kube. Midwestern artist from KC. His subject matter is fun and would be enjoyed by the employees.

itsALiving. Street artist from Mexico City. Wildly popular right now and his work is on the rise.

Jeanette Pasin Sloan. She is 75 yrs old and in many museum collections, currently lives in Santa Fe. I actually thought Joan might like her work.

Kathranne Knight. MFA Yale graduate, currently living in Ames. Her drawings are simple, but intricate, and elegant, and would work well in the collection.

Leon Hodes. Born and raised in Zimbabwe; currently lives in NY. A cutting edge approach to abstract work that is bright and colorful.   –

Lianjie Zheng. Born in China and currently lives in Brooklyn. Founded a painting school in Beijing, and emerged during the 80s with experimental and contemporary calligraphic works. It would be nice to add work from a Chinese artist to the collection –

Linda Colletta. From NY; her recent collectors include Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez –

Maser. Street artist from Dublin.Again, another fresh take on street art and (fine)art in general.

Travis Rice. Lived in DSM for a while and now teaches in Arizona. Joan showed Travis’ work and I think the employees would like it.